Officiating Alexa & Danny's Wedding on "Glam Fairy"! 

It was a real thrill to officiate Alexa & Danny's wedding on the Season 2 Finale of "Glam Fairy" (Style Network). It took several hours to film. Originally it was going to be a sunset wedding on a NYC rooftop. I arrived at 6 pm, but we ended up doing the wedding later that night. I think they were busy filming all the little tender moments between the bride and cast members throughout that time.

The cameras eventually started rolling at about 10 pm. This was great because early evening had been very hot, and the evening was a bit more bearable! Especially since I was wearing a hot black clerical robe :) I remember drinking many bottles of water.

The cast and crew were relaxed and fun. I was surprised to find out that the bride and groom are originally from my hometown (Wayne, NJ). Small world...

As we began the wedding, everyone's casual manner put me at ease, since I'd never done a TV shoot before. So I was able to be myself, and I even let out a celebratory "woo-hoo!" after the couple kissed, which made it into the episode!

We did the whole wedding twice. The first time, there were lighting problems. It ended up being a dress rehearsal... and that was fine because everyone, including myself, was better the second time around. The second take is what made it into the episode. Parts of the ceremony didn't make it, including some nice words I wrote that evening. But maybe the full ceremony will be on the Season 2 DVD?

P.S. Alexa and Danny, I also do a very nice and personal baby blessing/christening for when your baby girl is born :)