Breathtaking Ceremony Locations

On Feb. 23, 2008, I officiated the wedding of Rich and Deanna at the historic Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ, 15 miles from Atlantic City.  A lit fireplace can add unbelievable warmth and atmosphere to a wedding ceremony, and the blazing hearth glowing behind us during this wedding made for a truly breathtaking effect! Not to mention, the love between Deanna and Rich as they looked in each others' eyes was very palpable, and had the whole room hypnotized.
Bottom line: The Smithville Inn is a great place for a fireplace wedding, easily in my top 5 locations where I've performed a ceremony.

The others are (in no particular order):
1) on the beach at The Water's Edge, Sea Bright NJ;
2) on the beach at The Ocean Place Resort, Long Branch NJ;
3) Woodland Chapel at Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, PA; (an amazing grove in the woods above a waterfall)
4) The Brownstone, Paterson NJ, on a cold day in front of a lit fireplace.

Also, I would love to perform a ceremony at Columcille Park in Bangor, PA.
This place is inspired by ancient Ireland and there's nowhere like it.
So if you're getting married there, please let me know!

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