2/8/08 - Mexican/Celtic Wedding!

Last night I officiated a wedding for Susanna and Quetzalcoatl at Cappucino's Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY. The groom is Mexican, and the bride is Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, German, Austrian, Bulgarian, and Native American! They wrote their own vows, which they recited in English and Spanish, and the whole ceremony was completely bilingual. Their vows were truly heartfelt, and were real "tear-jerkers" for them and all their witnesses. That's what a good wedding ceremony is all about... you have to "feel it." It was very affectionate and beautiful.
I stayed with my girlfriend Maria for the reception, and it started out mild-mannered, but as the evening unfolded we participated in some really cool and festive Mexican traditions. These included the Dance of the Monkey, a song where you dance to pretend you are a monkey and other fun things; and the "Snake of the Sea" Dance (La Vivora de la Mar) which is where all the girls form a snake/train and swerve around crazily trying to knock down the bride and groom from their pedestals; and then all the guys form a snake and do the same. That was fun! There were some other fun traditions, which I won't go into here - except one of them involved taking off the groom's shoes and filling them with Coca Cola!  It was beautiful to experience some Mexican culture at full tilt. What a fun reception and great customs! If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Mexican or half-Mexican wedding, don't miss it.
(If you are looking for a Mexican DJ I recommend their DJ, Sonido Super Loco at 845-380-9134)

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