I'm honored
         to be a part of all your
         wonderful moments!

         It's something I felt
         called to do since I was
         9 years old.

It's been the joy of my life
         that people really love
         how fun, down-to-earth
         and refreshing a
         wedding or other
         ceremony can be.
         I was raised Catholic, &
         inspired by other
         religions too.
         Nature and the outdoors
         are the best church,
         if ya ask me.

         When I'm not officiating,
         I speak at many Unitarian
         Universalist churches.

         I also play lots of music.

         We'll make your wedding
         Spiritual or Non-Spiritual
         as you wish!

         Happy, laid back, fun, and
         beautifully awesome.

         & IDEAS:

        Catholic, Unitarian,
        Jewish, Christian,
        Interfaith, Nature-Based,
        Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu
        Bilingual in Spanish,
        German, Irish Gaelic
        Irish and Celtic Weddings
        Sand Ceremony,
        Paint Ceremony
I'll Say "You May Now Kiss The Bride" In Any Language You Want
Hand Blessing Ceremony / "Tying The Knot"
Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony
Exchanging Roses
Honoring Children In The Ceremony
Releasing Butterflies or Doves
Offering A Sip of Wine or Water To Each Other
Rev. Phil Raps The Ceremony To A Hip-Hop Beat!
Breaking the Glass
Jewish Chuppah Ceremony
Filipino Veil and Cord Ceremony
7 Scarves Ceremony (Eastern European)
Sri-Lankan Thaali-Kodi Ceremony
Nature-Based Vows
Wicca Vows
Blessing of the Rings By Four Directions
Native American-Inspired (including Lenape language)
Hungarian Wedding Traditions
West African Wedding Ceremony (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal)
Eastern European Wedding Traditions
Co-officiating with Hindu priest, Muslim Imam, Catholic priest

... Whatever You Wish To Bring In From Your Own Traditions!

Call Me: (973) 907-0200
WEBSITE: www.AmazingCeremonies.com
TWITTER: @PhilPassantino


        1) A Personalized Custom Ceremony
           (as unique as you wish, many great
             ideas to choose from)
        2) A Brief Civil Ceremony at my local
             park or office (short and sweet),
             or in your home
        3) Rev. Phil can play Acoustic Guitar or
             African harp for the wedding
             ceremony for an additional fee.

email now for a quote.

        Your wedding ceremony can be as long
        as you want,
        usually 15-30 minutes.
        It can be spiritual or non-spiritual,
        traditional or unique.