December Weddings

Yes, in December people still get married. On the first weekend in December this year, I was honored to officiate two very nice ceremonies: one on a boat in Weehawken, and one on a heated back porch in Robbinsville, NJ.

Katerina and Quincy's wedding was on a yacht called Royal Princess which is available for cruises. The continuous motion of the waves on board, although we were docked, made for an interesting spin on a wedding. It was very mellow though, so no Dramamine was needed.

The ceremony was very nice and heartfelt. Quincy wore his U.S. Marine uniform (he is still in active duty). Of course the bride looked great. They wrote their own vows, which were very moving. This was a couple deeply in love!

Jessica and Adam's wedding, also that weekend, was truly unique and awesome. This was on the back porch of a spacious house in Robbinsville. The back porch was decorated creatively with "icicle" crystals and a snowy theme, which went great with the chilly weather. There were rented space heaters that kept the guests warm.

The warmth in the bride & groom's hearts helped too. They wrote their own vows, which were brief and humorous. A young flowergirl kept quietly weeping throughout the ceremony. I was wondering why; afterwards we learned that she thought the bride, her aunt, was now going to be moving away. The bride comforted her, "I'm not going anywhere. I'll see you for dinner tomorrow night, remember!"

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