An Eerie Wedding Tale for Hallowe'en

Here's an story that was told to me on October 10 by the nice lady running the snack bar at Allaire State Park in NJ.
I was waiting for a bride to arrive for a wedding in the historic…

October Surprise

Let me tell you, this October has been an interesting month for weddings!  Like the one 2 weeks ago where the future mother-in-law told the bride on the morning of the wedding, "I don't want you to marry my son..."…

Groom Surprises Bride With Wedding!

On Saturday July 26, I officiated a very unique wedding: it was actually a surprise to the bride!

David (the groom) and the bride's younger sister Cindy hatched a great plan: to give Nancy (the unsuspecting bride) a surprise…

Wedding Sprinkler Surprise!!

Gotta love it when the management at a golf course/country club forgets to turn off the outdoor sprinkler timer before a wedding! This actually happened at Susan & Noah's nuptials on July 19, at a country club in South Jersey…

Wedding In An Idyllic Valley

The Flanders Valley Inn in Flanders, NJ, is set in an idyllic rural valley in Morris County.  Driving into this area for Lisa & Peter's wedding this weekend, the sun shining down made me feel like I was driving into…

An American Pilgrimage

I just have to write something about the last leg of a spiritual road trip I took last week:
                                (Earlier blog entries about it follow below)

1) If you've never seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, you're…

A Singer Makes All The Difference

Today I officiated Chrissi & Jeff's beautiful wedding at the Best Western Inn at Hunt's Landing in Matamoras, Pennsylvania.

Weather forced the ceremony to be moved indoors, but no problem: the indoor ceremony room is quite elegant and I've…

Smoky Mountain Wedding

I traveled down to Parrottville, Tennessee to officiate my good friend Paul DeCirce's wedding to his sweetheart Erica on June 7, 2008. The wedding was on the front lawn at the beautiful Moonshine Meadow cabin at Meadow Creek Resort

Pilgrimage to Dr. King's Legacy

In Memphis, Tennessee on a mini-vacation, my girlfriend & I have stumbled upon the Lorraine Motel, where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 (40 years & 2 months ago). It has been completely…

Care of the Soul, Memphis-style

I made a pilgrimage this week to Memphis, Tennessee on a spontaneous road trip.
First stop was Graceland, on Elvis Presley Boulevard. I was never a huge Elvis fan, but recently I've been performing a lot of his…

Getting Married In A Bank!

I recently married Candice and Raymond in a bank in Easton, Pennsylvania!
But not a Commerce Bank or PNC Bank (though that would be interesting)...
actually this is a historic bank called the Bank Street Annex.