Englewood wedding, 5/7/11

Dear Rev. Phil,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. It was a truly special ceremony and one of the greatest moments of my life. Your calm attitude surrounding the whole ceremony part of the…

Recent Weddings: From Staten Island to Pines Lake

This weekend I officiated a wedding for Odalisa & Jorge en Español at The Vanderbilt, Staten Island. It was in a big gazebo right on the boardwalk overlooking the beach. A picture perfect day, a bit warm at noon…

June 2010 Weddings Have Begun!

Wedding season has truly begun!
So far in June I've officiated:
A sunny outdoor wedding at the gazebo of The Bethwood (Totowa) for Claudia and Norman. Norman's heritage is part Lenape (Native American) from the Ramapough Mountain Nation of…

Wow, Lots of Baptisms...

This Winter/Spring has been busy with Baptisms.
  • On Feb. 27 I baptized Alaynah at The Brownstone, a really nice ceremony as the sun warmed us through the ceiling glass. I started the ceremony by playing lullabuys on the mbira

A Busy Summer of Beautiful Weddings & Baptisms!

I've been busy this summer!
Here are some highlights of the great ceremonies I've been privileged to officiate in 2009:
A sunrise 4th of July ceremony for Aulynn & Ted, on the beach at Sea Bright... (pic is at…

Backyard Weddings Can Be Great!

Here are some of the ultra-cool backyard weddings I've done this summer of 2009. Sometimes a backyard wedding comes out greater than a banquet hall wedding. What counts is the feeling, and the people, and the love!
Marlena and Mariusz…

A Beautiful Baptism

On Sunday May 24, 2009, I was honored to officiate a very special baby blessing/baptism for sweet baby James, 9-month old son of Kerry and Oliver. The ceremony was in a private room at the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton…

Cool Wedding at Lory's Lakeside

On May 16, 2009, I was honored to officiate a really cool wedding at Lory's Lakeside in North Brunswick, for Pamela and Eric. A beautiful location on perhaps the last unspoiled bit of lakefront real estate in Jersey : )…

Valentine's Day in chilly Central Park

On Valentine's Day I officiated Patrizia and Joe's wedding in Central Park's Conservatory Gardens. It was a nice sunny day, although quite cold. But our brave bride Patrizia happily processed down the hugest aisle ever, from the iron gate at…

An Irish Wedding In Brooklyn

On February 6, I was able to fulfill a dream of mine by speaking some Irish in a wedding ceremony. Being 25% of Irish descent, it's a language I've studied on and off for the past 9 years, but I'd…

Dog Eats Love Note

On November 29, I officiated Ellen and Paul's wedding in a cozy apartment overlooking Central Park. They have a beautiful story of how they began dating: she lived across the hall from him 5 years ago, and when he was…

Bride Forges Groom's Ring!

On November 8, I officiated Rebecca and Ari's wedding ceremony at Upper Crust Caterers in Manhattan. Rebecca is a creative person who came up with the ultimate wedding gift to craft for her groom: his wedding band! Having taken a…