Winter Solstice Wedding at Rod's Steak House, Morristown 12/21/07

A nice intimate wedding tonite on the winter solstice, and a good time to start this "Yule blog" of interesting weddings I've officiated. Rod's Steak House is intimate and cozy on a winter's eve... we did the ceremony in a beautiful box car located in one of the great train cars they have available to eat dinner in.  Bride & Groom Gina and Matt  were great, and  we mentioned their cool 7-year-old son Matt in the ceremony. It was beautiful and they have a wonderful family. Thanks to their sister-in-law who said to me, "You should start a blog of all the interesting weddings you've done..." So here it is! Happy Holidays & Winter Solstice '07. A truly sacred moment of the year to get married!

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