What To Do When Your Beach Wedding Is Rained Out

On Sunday May 15, 2011, I was supposed to officiate the nuptials of Jill & Keith on the beach at Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch, NJ. But it ended up being a pretty cloudy day, so the ceremony was moved to Branches Catering in West Long Branch. To quote my first grade art teacher: "When you get a lemon, make lemonade..." So during the indoor ceremony, the house lights were dimly lit. Behind the bride & groom was a video projection of waves crashing on the beach. Jill & Keith still got to make their wedding vows with their bare feet in the sand: they were standing on a tapestry on the carpet covered with sand, shells & starfish, with "Jill & Keith" written in the sand. The effect was almost like a moonlit evening on the beach. It made for a magical and unique wedding ceremony... something the guests will never forget.

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