Wedding Sprinkler Surprise!!

Gotta love it when the management at a golf course/country club forgets to turn off the outdoor sprinkler timer before a wedding! This actually happened at Susan & Noah's nuptials on July 19, at a country club in South Jersey which shall remain nameless... We were all set to begin the ceremony, the 50 or so guests were all seated in white folding chairs on the lawn in front of the classic gazebo; the sun was shining radiantly on the beautiful setting; the groom Noah was waiting eagerly, and the first bridesmaid was processing down the aisle when all of a sudden... the automatic sprinklers in the lawn BENEATH & AROUND THE GUESTS' SEATS went off at full-tilt, soaking everyone!! The bridesmaid was the first casualty, then the guests suddenly realized that water was spraying them at full velocity from beneath their seats...! As the videographers ran for cover shielding their expensive cameras, the DJ frantically ran to protect his equipment by grabbing one metal sprinkler spigot in the ground and re-aiming it, only to hit a female guest square in the back of her dress! Yes it was high comedy, folks, and that was the only way to see it after the initial shock. Besides, it was pretty much the hottest day all summer, easily in the mid-90s, and let's face it, I wished the water had hit me too (I was protected in the gazebo).
After everyone shared a laugh, the seats were dried off, we started over from the top, and after a little joke about the groom Noah's wedding "flood" we proceeded to have a really beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.

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