October Surprise

Let me tell you, this October has been an interesting month for weddings!  Like the one 2 weeks ago where the future mother-in-law told the bride on the morning of the wedding, "I don't want you to marry my son..." - yes, this really happened. You would never know from the ceremony, though, because it was really beautiful, whether measured by the amazing 70-degree sunshine or the love that just seemed to burst forth from this adorable couple. God bless them for surmounting the last-minute attempt at poisoning their special day!

Weddings bring out some intense feelings. My Italian grandma always reminds me of what happened to her on her wedding day back around 1940: her new mother-in-law caused an outburst by shouting in the middle of the reception, "You stole my son! You took my son!" It was very dramatic, and Grandma felt so embarrassed that she still feels the sting some 68 years later.

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