Misty Morning Baptism 6/11/11

'Twas a "Misty Morning", as Bob Marley would say, for 19-month old Jack's backyard Baptism on June 11, 2011. But the soft rain didn't stop us from holding the ceremony outdoors. The watery air felt cool, soothing, refreshing & nourishing after the recent heat wave... reminding us of the gifts of Water and why it's used in a Baptism/Baby Blessing. We did a traditional blessing, named the Godparents, and honored Jack's aunts, uncles and grandparents (including one Great-Grandpa). We also turned to face the Four Directions (North-South-East-West), meditating on what they represent in our lives, as the aroma of Sweetgrass incense wafted through the breeze. Jack was in his own world through most of it, happy to be the blessed center of attention; but then when I held my hand over him for the Final Blessing, he suddenly stood at attention and became mesmerized! Much to the delight of the family members surrounding him. Then he unexpectedly gave me the "high-five" which was great! I hope to post a pic or video of this soon :) What a cool little guy... welcome to this nutty world, Jack!

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