Groom Surprises Bride With Wedding!

On Saturday July 26, I officiated a very unique wedding: it was actually a surprise to the bride!

David (the groom) and the bride's younger sister Cindy hatched a great plan: to give Nancy (the unsuspecting bride) a surprise 30th birthday party, and at the same time, have a minister present (me) ready to marry them on the spot!

A little background: Nancy & David have been engaged for several years, but had put off the marriage planning. Nancy actually had wished all the planning could be magically taken care of, and was eager to marry. So this plan was set to be the perfect remedy.

All the guests were in on the surprise. When David brought his blindfolded bride-to-be into the backyard and everyone yelled "Surprise!", she was thrilled at this surprise birthday bash in her honor, but found herself a bit curious about the decorated archway in the front of the backyard. David then used the DJ's microphone to tell his fiance that they were about to be married, and she was ELATED! There were tears of joy.

The bride's sister had picked out a beautiful wedding dress for the bride that fit perfectly, and 15 minutes later we began this beautiful ceremony. Nancy & David poured sands into a vase together with their 2 daughters, signifying the blending together of their 4 lives into a marriage and family. They said their vows, we had some meaningful readings, exchanged rings, and there was not a dry eye in the yard. Truly a one-of-a-kind ceremony for two lovely people!

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