Fainting bridesmaid

I performed a wedding last week in East Hanover. The flower girl did a great job spreading her rose petals during the procession. Maybe she was too good: as the ceremony continued she had some rose petals left in her basket and was dumping them on the ground and then picking them up one by one, then dumping the basketful on the floor again. She did this through the first 5 minutes of the ceremony. It was cute, but the thought occurred to me: these rose petals have the effect of blessing the ceremony carpet. Is playing around with these sacred objects going to have some effect on the sacred space of the ceremony?

A moment later we all heard a thud; one of the bridesmaids had fainted and keeled over on the floor! We paused the ceremony, many ran to the bridemaid's assistance, and she soon came to. Later the paramedics arrived, and all was fine. We continued the ceremony and it was beautiful and unforgettable. She hadn't eaten. But the flower girl playing with the rose petals probably didn't help :)

Coincidence? Coincidence is how God speaks.

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