Double Rainbow!! After a Rainy Wedding on 6/3/12 - The Waterside Restaurant, North Bergen, NJ

The weather couldn't make up its mind this Sunday 6/3/12 at Tom & Diana's wedding at Waterside Restaurant, North Bergen, NJ... sunny, then rainy, then sunny, then rainy, then sunny in the hour beforehand. I finally set up my guitar and the guests were invited outside into the sunshine. I played 5 or 6 songs while the bride got ready for the processional... and then a downpour started. The guests fled indoors. Someone grabbed my amp, and I, too, retreated indoors with my wet acoustic guitar.

Five minutes later, the sun shone anew. The guests were seated again, and we finally started the processional and the ceremony. The bride came down the aisle. All was well. Then we began the wedding... and five minutes into the ceremony, it started to rain. HARD. Someone brought Diana & Tom an umbrella, and we continued with the rest. As the rain intensified, the guests let out a whoop! and started cheering. It added an excitement to the festivities!  We proceeded with the rest of the ceremony, I sped it up a bit, and then as they were about to kiss, the guests again started to scream with elation! It was like we were all riding a roller coaster together. Very thrilling ceremony, I'll never forget it!

After Diana and Tom kissed under their umbrella, I launched into the recessional song "Movin' Right Along" (Muppets) exuberantly, as the bride, groom and guests sought shelter in the restaurant. After all the guests were safely indoors, I ended the tune, the best man grabbed my amp, and we ran with my wet Taylor guitar to my car! I dried everything off and all was fine. All in all, an awesome ceremony if you ask me!

Five minutes later, it again stopped raining, only to reveal a HUGE "DOUBLE RAINBOW oh my God" encompassing the entire Manhattan skyline! It was breathtaking! Diana & Tom certainly earned it with what they had to go through. What an abundance of watery and rainbow blessings for this newlywed couple! May they always have a lot of nourishment and magic in their new life together!

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