Care of the Soul, Memphis-style

I made a pilgrimage this week to Memphis, Tennessee on a spontaneous road trip.
First stop was Graceland, on Elvis Presley Boulevard. I was never a huge Elvis fan, but recently I've been performing a lot of his tunes for seniors at nursing homes, and they really love him. So here I am, payin' my respects.

By today's standards, his mansion is pretty modest. And believe me, from cell phone to internet to DVD and Directv, you are way richer than Elvis was!
His career retrospective was truly amazing, though. In its highest, purest form, what's more spiritual than rock & roll? I find it moving and rejuvenating.

Graceland's motto on billboards throughout Memphis is "Graceland: Where Elvis Lives."
Eerily enough, I am getting the feeling his spirit is still lingering around in there.
At night the estate is all lit up with colored lights; the only thing I can compare it to is standing outside of the White House at night, knowing someone real important is in there right now. And you feel the same way here. It feels like he didn't die, like someone is still definitely home! Has Elvis really left the building?    :)

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