An Eerie Wedding Tale for Hallowe'en

Here's an story that was told to me on October 10 by the nice lady running the snack bar at Allaire State Park in NJ.
I was waiting for a bride to arrive for a wedding in the historic chapel there. I bought a bottle of water from the snack bar lady and explained that I was waiting for the bride, who was running late.
The snack bar attendant said to me, "You know, when my sister was about to get married, she was late too. She got cold feet."
"Cold feet?" I asked.
"Yes, she was in the limo, driving to the church, and when the limo got close to the church she suddenly said, 'I don't know if I want to go through with this. Can we circle around the church a few times to give me some time to think?'
The limo driver started to circle around the surrounding streets, while the bride's father tried to put her at ease. 'Honey, if you don't want to go through with this, I understand. It's ok. I'll go in the church and tell everyone the wedding is off, and we'll still have the reception dinner anyway, since it's paid for.'
The bride took about 10 minutes to think it over, and finally she resolved, 'I'm ready. I still want to go through with it. I'm ready to get married.'
(She and the groom had been together about 8 years. They had a good solid relationship. She wasn't sure why she'd been suddenly having second thoughts. But it was ok, she was ready now, she had made up her mind.)
They went on to have the wedding, and it was a great day.

Eight months later, the bride received a call from the groom at his workplace. He wasn't feeling well, and was finding blood in places it shouldn't be.
By the end of the day, he was in a coma, and soon died, at age 30 (!).
The new bride, as his legal spouse, was stuck with $50,000 in medical bills which she had to pay.
She paid every last penny," the snack bar lady concluded.

Maybe those last minute jitters were trying to tell her something?

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