December Wedding at the Bethwood, Totowa, NJ

Yesterday I officiated a bilingual wedding in English and Español for Vanessa and Jose. They are a young couple who met at work. Jose was a teller at a local bank, and one day Vanessa was assigned to be a substitute teller there. That's how they met. On their first day working together, Vanessa was a bit perturbed when Jose poured himself some coffee and didn't offer her any. It's funny what people's first impressions sometimes are! That was their only day working together, until a few months later, Vanessa was permanently assigned to his bank. And Fate took over from there. They eventually hit it off, and now a year and a half later, they tied the knot! The Bethwood does a great and highly professional job with every wedding they do - as always, it was great to work with the managers there to make this wedding special and fun.

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