An Irish Wedding In Brooklyn

On February 6, I was able to fulfill a dream of mine by speaking some Irish in a wedding ceremony. Being 25% of Irish descent, it's a language I've studied on and off for the past 9 years, but I'd never gotten a request to use it on the job! Until now... when I was privileged to officiate a beautiful heartfelt ceremony for the wedding of Roisin (pronounced Ro-sheen) and Frank. It was at a cool little restaurant called Chez Oskar in Brooklyn. Many of Roisin's family still live in Ireland, in County Clare I believe, and flew here for the big day. They were charming and very friendly, as the Irish are known to be. They also gave me last-minute coaching on Irish pronunciation before the ceremony, especially the bride's young niece who was probably 10 or 11 years old, and spoke much better Irish than I! During the ceremony we said the Our Father in Irish, and I also gave the benediction "May The Road Rise To Meet You" in Irish and English. It's a beautiful language, you can check it out at with sound samples at . The bride and groom were elated to be together, and the ceremony included loosely tying their hands together in the ancient Irish tradition of "handfasting", with a cloth that I believe was actually a family heirloom of her grandmother.

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